Bedwetting Alarms

Best Treatment for Nocturnal Enuresis in Children


Alarms have a high success rate with commitment

Nocturnal enuresis is embarrassing to children and frustrating to parents. Even though it has a usually benign, self-limited course, many families want to hear about treatment options. Enuresis alarms have a high success rate in achieving dry nights during treatment and maintaining dry nights once treatment stops. The success of alarms requires a motivated child and family plus a significant time and effort commitment for 3 to 6 months.(1)

Evidence summary

Nocturnal enuresis is an involuntary loss of urine at night in the absence of congenital or acquired central nervous system defect among children over 5 years of age.(2) Approximately 15% of children aged >5years wet their bed at night.(3) The spontaneous resolution rate is about 15% per year.(3) Before primary care treatment, indications for urological referral should be excluded, including daytime wetting, abnormal voiding (unusual posturing, discomfort, straining, or poor urine stream), recurrent urinary tract infections, neurological and anatomical anomalies, and urgency symptoms.(4)



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