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Believe it or not, a large number of children wet their beds. This is also known as "nocturnal enuresis" or bed wetting. Most parents have been searching for effective bedwetting solutions in order to treat this embarrassing condition. This problem usually occurs with children who are over the age of five. Finding effective bed wetting solutions is necessary for your child's social development.

Some bed wetting solutions include: Bladder control exercises, medications, hypnosis, chiropractic therapy, and bet wet alarms.

One of the most effective bed wetting solutions available in the market are bedwetting alarms that will help treat your child's sleep wetting episodes. There are many types of bet wet alarms on the market, but DryBuddy is the best because it is a wireless bedwetting alarm. Your child will not get tangled on wires, and you will not have to worry about the wires breaking. It is very easy to attach and detach the moisture or urine sensor. DryBuddy is designed with a unique patent-pending magnetic attachment, which makes it very easy to attach or detach to regular clothing such as cotton briefs or panties. Cleaning the urine sensor is also very easy to do and should take less than one minute. There is no need to purchase special supplies, such as special sheets, briefs, panties, sticking or sewing parts to clothing, liners and so on. DryBuddy is a bedwetting solution that allow your child to wear his or her regular night time cloths, because it attaches very easily to clothing.

You do not need to worry about the distance limitations and can place alarms almost anywhere in the house. Apart from the two audible alarms provided, you can use numerous alarms of your choice! DryBuddy is the only bed wetting alarm system that allows users to make use of any 120V AC alarm of their choice that will effectively work with their children. You can choose a louder or brighter alarm, anything that you believe will work effectively for your child. Immediately, when the urine sensor detects moisture, the DryBuddy bedwetting alarm immediately sounds. Your child wakes up and goes to the bathroom in order to empty his or her bladder. The alarm's job is to wake him or her up so that they do not wet the bed. The second alarm in the parents' room alerts the parents, who can then assist their child and confirm that everything is being done as it should be. After some time, your child will get used to getting up and using the bathroom, even if the alarm does not go off. Studies have proven that bed wetting alarms are indeed the most effective bed wetting solutions. After using the DryBuddy wireless bedwetting alarm consistently for some time, a linkage between your child's mind and bladder is developed, and your child will begin to learn how to control his or bladder and will wake up in order to use the bathroom all by him or herself.

One of the most recommended bedwetting solutions is to use a bedwetting alarm. A bed-wetting alarm or bed wetting alarm is also known as an enuresis alarm or urine alarm. One of the distinctive features of DryBuddy’s system is that it is a wireless bedwetting alarm. Therefore, it is very easy to use and convenient. A wireless urine sensor, like DryBuddy, is a convenient way to help to stop child bed-wetting as well as incontinence in adults. The participation of the caregiver or parent is enhanced and made more convenient by providing two alarms which alert both the parent and child, or caregiver and patient. The wireless bed wetting sensor sends a signal to a transceiver which switches the alarm on in both the child’s and parent’s room. The special wireless signal transmission allows alarms to be placed anywhere in the house. Additional alarms or any device which works at 120V AC can be used as alarms.

The urine sensor itself is simple to use, wear and clean. Since the one of the two DryBuddy bedwetting alarms provided is typically used in the parent’s bedroom, the DryBuddy bedwetting alarm system allows them to sleep in their own bed and wake only when an incident occurs which makes it very convenient to use. DryBuddy is truly distinctive from its competitors since there are no distance limitations within the home and there is no limit on the number of audible or other 120V AC alarms used with this system. DryBuddy is the easiest and most innovative way to stop bed-wetting. For more general information, please visit our Homepage for DryBuddy. How and why DryBuddy works is on its Overview page.

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